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Q: How can my car battery fail?

A: Your car battery can weaken or fail for any of the following reasons:

Q: How do I turn off the appliance?

A: This appliance will power off automatically when no load or charging is complete.


Q: How many times can this appliance charge my mobile phone?

A: It can charge a mobile phone up to 4 times (OutPower), 8 times (OutPower Plus) and 16 times (OutPower Elite).


Q: Can all portable devices be charged by an OutPower?

A: Yes! Smartphones, tablets, digital cameras, etc. Any device that can be recharged via USB.


Q: How long does it take to charge this appliance?

A: Approximately 2 hours (OutPower), 6 hours (OutPower Plus) and 7 hours (OutPower Elite) .


Q: How long will this appliance take to fully charge my mobile phone?

A: Approximately the same time as your regular phone charger .


Q: How many times can this appliance, if fully charged, can jump start a vehicle?

A: Approximately 15 times (OutPower), 30 times (OutPower Plus) and 60 times (OutPower Elite).


Q: How long will the power of the battery last if it remains idle?

A: 3 to 6 months, however we suggest you recharge it every 3 months.


Q: Is there a warranty on the devices?

A: 1 year limited warranty.

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