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BoostMi Elite


BoostMi Elite

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Boost it All.

The most powerful multifunctional jump starter.

Uses a very high capacity and very high power battery of 30000 mAh, fast charging and low self-discharge rate.

Jump starts vehicles with 12V and 24V electrical system.

The Elite, on a full charge, can jumpstart a vehicle up to 60 times and charge a portable device up to 16 times.

The Elite can maintain it's charge on standby for up to 6 months.

Very portable backup power supply for electrical gadgets like mobile phones, tablets and other handheld devices. Lighter output power supply for air compressor, car refrigerator, dust collector and other 12V devices.

Built in LED torch with multiple lighting modes.

1 year limited warranty.


Size: 200*164*90mm

Weight: 1500g

Input: 12V-24V=2A

Output: 5V=2.1A;5V/1A;12V10A;12V-24V Jumpstart

Full charging time: 7 hours

Starting current: 12V/300A;24V/400A

Peak current: 12V/600A;24V/800A

Operating temperature: -20C/60C

Device lifetime: 1000 recharging cycles


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